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❝Who were you before they broke your heart
I don’t remember (via fuckreiva)
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if you like it so much, ask the person who made it if they’ll help you. RPH’s are here for a reason, to help you, so I’m sure they’d be more than happy to make you one if you ask nicely.

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Okay, so I got a message asking me to do a gif hunt for Cailin Russo, but I thought why not turn it into an FC pack since I don’t think there are any for her. So, yeah, here it is. This pack includes:

290+ small/medium HQ gifs from photo shoots / instagram videos / music videos.

50 icons.

30 headers.

Click [HERE] for the download link. Like/reblog if this is helpful for you.

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we gon’ party buckwild ! look at shawty buckwild !

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i am eating yellow watermelon save me

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Valerie theme sidebar tutorial


Hello everyone, this is a tutorial on how to make something like the sidebar I made for my Valerie theme preview, also seen below. I unfortunately didn’t save the PSD so I’ll be making a completely new one.


Gradient for above here named 'BANG BANG'. 


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Click & Drag and have fun!

this was v dramatic im such a slut

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i’m a fuck up pass it on 

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jack gilinsky? more like jack put your gilinsk-in me am i right ladies??

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if pooh bear can wear crop tops then so can i

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